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Navigating the SpeakSuite Experience

Quick, customized target setting

At the heart of the SpeakSuite platform is a robust database that allows you to quickly and easily create customized articulation goals for each of your clients. In just moments, you can choose which phoneme or phonemes you want them to focus on—and which to avoid—based on phonemic context. You can make a child’s articulation goals as specific or as general as they need, adjust the target length from syllable to word or sentence level, and layer in constraints to ensure their targets are precisely tailored to their needs at any point in time.

Want a child to work on /r/ but avoid vocalic /r/’s? Graduate them from single to multiple sound occurrences within one word? SpeakSuite can do that in just a couple of clicks.


Practice through gameplay

Back at home, parents load up the SpeakSuite app and their child logs in. SpeakSuite gives children an array of games to choose from to help them practice whatever goals you’ve set, turning something that can feel like homework into more of an adventure.

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Remote monitoring and adjustment

Ever wonder if your articulation clients are actually doing their homework, or doing it correctly? SpeakSuite automatically records their practice sessions, so you can get a clear sense of how things are going. You'll also be able easily generate reports capturing how much your clients are practicing and how effective that practice has been. When they do well you can keep the momentum going and increase the complexity of their targets remotely; if a child gets stuck, you can catch that and help them course correct right away.

SpeakSuite essentially closes the distance between you and your articulation clients, keeping you in more frequent, better touch as they move through their goals.

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